It's a real return to the sources for Traction Productions with this new campaign that looks tropical and sunny. A tribute to the famous Los Angeles Avenue "Traction Avenue" that brought the brand to life, where talented street artists meet, the great designers, and the future big names in cinematography. A name synonymous with culture, know-how and creation. Between liberated Californian modernity and the French Touch of its origins, Traction Productions frames are unique and assert themselves without logo preferring the style to the acronym.



The Traction Productions collection is aimed at women and men looking for avant-garde eyewear, unique and made with authentic know-how. Looking for an original experience, a trip. This is how we create our glasses. An inspiration from here and elsewhere, a mix of colors, curves, influenced by architecture, the beauty of foreign landscapes, haute couture parades. Traction Productions is a journey beyond time and around the world.

« Return to the sources »

The new campaign intends to make you travel a little longer and renew with your own origins. Inspired by a true lifestyle; Relaxed and sunny, the tropical style juggles brightly between freshness and warmth to break into your life. XXL patterns, ultra-pigmented shades and ever more assertive frames. With this return to the source, Traction Productions unveils its origins. It highlights its know-how, its traditions and its modernity. A colorful and pop campaign highlighting our latest novelties, such as Scorpios, Pigalle, Peggy, Alcazar acetate and metal frames.


So unveil yourself with Traction Productions,

and tell us where you come from with

the #returntothesource.


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